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our team


 Sylvie Bourget, Founder & Instructor


A fitness enthusiast throughout her life, Sylvie’s love of barre began in 2010 in Vancouver after attending a Bar Method Class. Having just turned 50, she was determined to find a fitness routine that would keep her motivated and get her in shape. Barre classes proved to be the perfect fit: challenging, rewarding, effective and fun!


Sylvie is certified through IBBFA (International Ballet Barre Fitness Association) obtaining her Level I,II and Pre/Post Natal certifications as well as BootyBarre Plus and Sculpt certificates.


Sylvie has recently opened a home studio, Barre Lab in Coldstream, and is excited to share her passion of barre and its many benefits with her clients.


A mother of 6 and grandmother of 9, Sylvie believes that fitness and health are attainable at any age.


Jaymie Hackman, Instructor


Jaymie Hackman lives her life with a healthy mind and active lifestyle which lead her to one of her passions, teaching Barre fitness. Jaymie holds Barre Fitness Level I & II and Pre/Post Natal Certifications. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a specialty in Sport & Fitness and holds a diploma in Business Management. Jaymie is actively involved as a Safer Beauty Advocate where she runs a home based business educating others on safer beauty options.


Jaymie resides in the Coldstream with her Fiancé and two young children where they have recently settled down coming off of many travel seasons in the hockey industry. She feels that to be healthy encompasses many aspects in life and sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference, and that is how her passion for Barre began.


Ashley Irving: Instructor


Ashley’s love of fitness started early, growing up a dancer and lover of sport. In 2012 she graduated with a Kinesiology degree specializing in exercise physiology.  After attending her first barre class she was hooked, it was the perfect combination of dance and fitness. Ashley is certified through IBBFA and holds certificates in bootybarre plus, bootybarre flex and flow and bootybarre sculpt. Just recently Ashley began her journey into Pilates, currently working on her Mat Pilates certification with a Reformer certification close behind. Now a mom to 3 young girls, Ashley is always working to find the delicate balance between self care and selfless parenting.